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Christian Service Program

Tampa Catholic High School provides a quality Catholic education. Such an education includes the opportunity to participate in character-building activities outside the classroom setting. The three-fold purpose of Catholic evangelization is to teach the Gospel message, build community, and foster selfless-service for others. At Tampa Catholic High School, the Christian Service Program provid­es concrete opportunities for all students to build com­munity while serving those in need, as Jesus did. In Theology classes, students are provided with the Scrip­tural, theological, moral, and social background for the exercise of active stewardship. Awareness of upcoming service events are communicated through the Theology Department and the X2vol platform. Tampa Catholic provides opportunities for our student body to engage in both the Corporal Works of Mercy and the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, thereby nurturing Crusaders in becoming evangelizers of charity and truth.

“Whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Faithful to this ministry of service, each student activity at Tampa Catholic strives toward the following:

  • To enhance the spirit of community and sense of pride within our student body;
  • To provide opportunities for socialization among members of the student body;
  • To strengthen the talents of the student in preparation for life away from our school community;
  • To provide opportunities for the student to serve the community at large
  • To bring the student to a fuller understanding of his/her relationship with God

Aware of the challenges presented by our society, all student activities at Tampa Catholic are focused on student involvement and creating a holistic student experience. All of our activities openly welcome participation from members of the student body and will not discriminate against any students who are eligible to participate.

Tampa Catholic requires every student to complete service hours depending on the current grade of the student. Please refer to the student handbook, which can be found in your account on Canvas, for more information about Tampa Catholic’s student service requirements.

For the most updated student community service opportunities, please check the x2VOL dashboard

Local non-profits, if your ministry or event would benefit from our students volunteering, please contact our service coordinator, Jina Masters.