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Performing Arts

Tampa Catholic’s Performing Arts Program has blossomed in recent years. With showcases, a fall play, and a spring musical, the Tampa Catholic Theater Department is thriving. Students have the opportunity to grow and learn the art of performing in Intro to Performing Arts, and have the option to continue to foster that growth through Acting 1 and Acting 2 courses. Students are also able to participate in backstage opportunities through the StageCraft: Tech course. Students are also able to take a Film course where they study different film genres, and even create their own. 

Per the State of Florida High School Graduation Requirements, all students must complete 1.0 credit of Fine Arts. All freshmen are placed into Intro to Performing Arts to help meet that requirement, with other elective options available as they go into sophomore year. 



For students who have a passion for acting and stage management, there is an opportunity to be involved in productions without being in the performing arts courses. Students in Theater TC help to be involved with school productions either through acting, dancing, set building, or backstage assistance. 


Theater TC is responsible for the Fall Play and Spring Musical productions. 


Theater TC also sponsors the yearly Talent Show during homecoming week!

International Thespian Society

Tampa Catholic is proud to have begun its ITS charter in 2016, and since then has competed in multiple events including: solo musical, solo monologue, duet musical, small group musical, and One Act performances. The International Thespian Society works to honor and recognize the hours of dedication performers put into their craft. ITS allows students to compete at the District, State, and National levels. TC is proud to have students excel to the State Level and receive superior scores.

Awards Highlights:

One-Acts Festival: 

Shipwrecked! (2022) - Superior Score & State Qualifiers, Outstanding Ensemble, & Outstanding Production

Best Lead Performer Mariela Zeno

All Star Cast Melissa Korm

Best Ensemble

Outstanding Student Achievement for Program

Solo Musical: 

Finn Brown (2022): Superior Rating, Top Honors, & Perfect Score

Mariela Zeno (2022): Superior Rating, Top Honors, & District Representative Alternate

Julia Bisesi (2022): Superior Rating

Melissa Korm (2022): Superior Rating

Emily Aeschbach (2022): Excellent Rating

Duet Musical: 

Finn Brown and Angelina Guzman (2022): Superior Rating

Matthew Arroyo & Melissa Korm (2022): Excellent Rating

Julia Bisesi & Mariela Zeno (2022): Superior Rating

Small Group Musical: 

Angelina Carmona, Keyna Gascon, Emily Aeschbach, Matthew Arroyo (2022): Excellent

Costume Construction: 

Camila Nima- Gonzalez (2022): Costume Design Superior Rating, Top Honors, & Perfect Score

Alex Gould (2022): Superior Rating