To: Parents of Homecoming Attendee

From: Tampa Catholic High School Administration

Date:  August, 2019


Dear Parent:

Your son/daughter will be attending Tampa Catholic’s Homecoming Dance at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel on Saturday, September 21, 2019. It is important that your son/daughter be aware of the dance policies that have been put in place by the Administration of Tampa Catholic to provide a positive experience for the students on this very important occasion.

It is our hope that your son/daughter has a wonderful time. We feel by making you aware of this information, you can feel confident that your son/daughter will have a fun and safe Homecoming experience.


Tampa Catholic Administration

At this page you will be able to complete the three steps necessary for your son or daughter to attend the dance.

Step 1

Download and complete one of the following permission forms.

If your student is either not bringing a guest to the Homecoming Dance or is bringing a current TC student as their guest, download and complete this permission form.


TC Student and TC Student Guest


If your student is bringing a guest to the dance that is not a current TC student, download and complete this form.


TC Student and Non TC Student Guest

When you have completed these forms, please scan the form or take a picture of it. You will need the form in one of these formats in order to upload your form in the next step.

Step 2

Please use the link below to complete the Homecoming questionaire. You will need to upload your completed, and signed permission form as well as a screen shot of your service hours from X2Vol. You will be required to use your Tampa Catholic email address to log into your school's google account to complete the questionaire.

Tampa Catholic Homecoming Questionaire 

Step 3

Upon successful completion of the Homecoming questionaire, you will be provided a link to a secure web page where you can purchase the tickets to the Homecoming Dance.