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Student Government

The purpose of Tampa Catholic's Student Government organization is to develop good citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and service to both the Tampa Catholic community and our own local community. The goals of this organization are to promote harmonious relationships, to improve the morale of the student body, to assist in the management of certain school activities, to provide a forum for student voice, and to provide channels for student involvement.

The Student Government body is comprised of four executive officers and four class officers from each class--Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen. Faculty members serve as moderators for each of the classes and for the student government at large. The president and vice-president of the executive branch and of each of the classes are elected positions. The secretary and treasurer are appointed by the two elected officers. All members of Student Government must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

Student Council Office and Class Office:
  • Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 from their enrollment at Tampa Catholic up to the time of election.
  • Approval must be given by the administration.
  • Candidates must exhibit the qualities of leadership, character, service and exemplary behavior in following campus rules and the Code of Conduct.
  • Students must support the school’s Catholic Christian philosophy.
  • Those students seeking the offices of President and Vice-President of the Executive Branch of the Student Council must ordinarily have at least one year's experience in student government, either as a class officer or a homeroom representative. This may be waived if all other criteria are met.
Election Period:

Elections for Executive Student Council Office, as well as Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class Officers are held in the spring of the school year. Freshmen Class Officers are elected at the start of the second marking period. The Student Council Moderator will oversee the election process.

Homeroom Reps Information

Section One: The following is information that you need to know about being a Homeroom Representative.

1. Structure

A. Homeroom Representatives work with the Class Officers of their class.

B. Homeroom Representatives are under the jurisdiction of Class Moderators.

2. Meeting Days

A. The 4th Monday of each month

B. Meetings will take place in the Class Moderator’s Homeroom

3. Electing Senators

A. Each homeroom will elect 1 senator and 1 alternate.

B. To be eligible to run, candidates must pick up an application form (the bottom of this sheet) from their homeroom teacher.

C. If a homeroom has no one who wants to run, then an "at large" election will be held for the spot from the entire class.

4. Rules Governing Homeroom Representatives

A. Representatives are held to the same behavior/academic standards as any student government officer (2.5 cumulative grade point average; no Dean's referrals or multiple detentions)

B. Representatives may be impeached following the procedure found in the Student Government Constitution

C. Representatives are expected to attend any representatives meetings as well as the class meetings

D. The main jobs of the representatives are to relay information between homerooms and the Student Government, and to assist in the running of class and government-wide projects.

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