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PROM 2021:

This year’s prom will be a senior only event, held on Saturday, April 17th, 2021. There will be NO DATES allowed for this event. 

The following is the schedule for ordering prom tickets: 

Ticket Sales: 
Tickets will be on sale from Monday, March 22nd - Friday, March 26th--Tickets are $70

To order your tickets for this year’s prom, following these instructions: 

1. Access the permission forms found here and below under STUDENT FORMS on the school’s website:

2. Once you have filled out the permission form, follow the Questionnaire Link below on this page to the Google form to order your ticket. Be sure to have your completed  permission forms ready for upload. This can be done either as a scanned PDF or pictures of the documents. You will also need to upload a copy of your service hours (PDF or screenshot of your X2VOL account). You will need to sign into your school google account before you complete the Prom Questionaire.

3. After you submit your permission form and complete the Google ticket form, you will receive an  email directing you to the school’s BidPal account. There you will finalize your purchase using a credit or debit card. 

4. Starting on Monday, April 12th, you will be able to select your seats for the evening. Bring your BidPal receipt (printed or digital) to 221 before or after school. You will have the chance to select your seat ONLY

Guests who have not selected their seats by Thursday, April 15, will be assigned a seat by the prom committee. 

PLEASE NOTE: Service hours are due on Friday, April 16th. Any student who has not completed the  required amount of service hours WILL NOT be eligible to attend the prom. If students have already  purchased tickets and fail to complete their hours, then a refund will be issued for the ticket price.

Seating Assignments: 

Monday, April 12th—Thursday, April 15th-----Seating assignments completed before and after school in room 221 for students with valid receipt of ticket purchase.

**Guests who have not selected seats by April 15th will be assigned a seat by the prom committee.** 

Friday, April 16th---Final seating assignments will be posted and final service hour verification will be  conducted. Guests without completed service hours will be notified and removed  from seating for the prom. 

Click here to access the prom permission form.



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