TC has transitioned over to the new Service tracking program, X2VOL, and all service hour forms and information should be uploaded via X2VOL website using the students username and password.  (Each student was sent their username and password through their Tampa Catholic email address along with an attachment that shows them how to create an account.)

Christian Service (From Student Handbook)

The three-fold purpose of Catholic education is to teach the gospel message, to build community, and to foster service to others. At Tampa Catholic High School, the Christian Service Program provid­es concrete opportunities for all students to build com­munity by serving others as Jesus did. In their theology classes, students are provided with the scrip­tural, theological, moral, and social background for the exercise of stewardship. Because service is a direct expression of religious conviction, accountability for service projects is maintained through the Theology Department. Since students belong to several communities, the Christian Service Program is directed toward the needs of the school, parish, and local communities, thereby providing students a variety of opportunities through which they may be of service to others.

Tampa Catholic requires every student to complete the following number of service hours depending on the current grade of the student:

  • Freshmen, 5 hours per quarter
  • Sophomores, 5 hours per quarter
  • Juniors, 7.5 hours per quarter
  • Seniors, 7.5 hours per quarter

Students may complete more than the required number of hours per quarter after the minimum requirement is met.  In addition, at least half of the total required annual service hours must qualify as a Corporal Work of Mercy (Feed the Hungry▪Give Drink to the Thirsty▪Clothe the Naked▪Shelter the Homeless▪Visit the Sick▪Visit the Imprisoned▪Bury the Dead).

“Whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.”  (Matthew 25:40)

An understanding of what qualifies as a Corporal Work of Mercy will be reviewed by the theology teacher at the start of the school year. Students who do not complete their service hours by the due date listed on the official school calendar will immediately lose all student privileges (participation in athletics, clubs, honor socities and attendance at school events) until the required service hours are up to date.  Christian Service progress will be graded on a PASS/FAIL basis. The Director of Mission Effectiveness will evaluate students’ service hours each quarter.  Student Service hours from a previous high school may be transferred to the TC transcript for scholarship purposes.  However, while enrolled at Tampa Catholic transfer students are required to complete the minimum service hours per quarter. Students will not be permitted to take semester exams unless they have completed the minimum number of service hours per semester,including the additional hours needed if the service hours are not turned in by the published deadline.

Service hours are to be performed for non-profit organizations such as parishes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. An organization offering opportunities for corporal works of mercy must have a mission related to such service. Work done for family members or other individuals, although it may constitute Christian service, does not qualify for the Tampa Catholic High School Christian Service Program. Parents and other close family members may not be the supervisor signing the Service Hour Verification form. Service hours will not be awarded for service performed during the school day. The only exception is for blood donations during Tampa Catholic sponsored blood drives.

If you know of any not-for-profit organization that can use volunteer help please send the information to Ty Griffin at tgriffin@tampacatholic.org. Those deemed appropriate will be added to this website.