The French National Honor Society was founded in 1949 by the American Association of Teachers of French for students in secondary schools. Membership is based on scholarship in general and on leadership in French activities. Students must have maintained a 3.5 cumulative average in French and an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0. Prospective candidates may be enrolled as early as the fourth semester of French language studies.

The goals of the National French Honor Society are to:

  • stimulate interest in the study of French
  • promote high scholastic standards in the language
  • provide a vehicle for focusing activities around French language and literature and also for encouraging member participation in the annual writing contest as well as application for the annual travel grants.

Students benefit from membership with:

  • recognition for outstanding scholarship in the study of French language through selection for membership, the placement of a special seal on the graduate's diploma, the wearing of a blue/red/white cord at graduation, and the right to wear the official emblem/pin of the honor society.
  • the opportunity to experience leadership in serving as officers, directing the initiation ceremony, and/or leading other chapter events.



We, the members of the French Department of Tampa Catholic High School of the city of Tampa, in order to be of greatest possible service to our school, to advance the interests of the students of French, to develop an interest and understanding of the French Culture, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the National French Honor Society.

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be “La Société Honoraire de Française” de Tampa Catholic.

Article II — Objectives

The aim of the organization is to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote higher standards of scholarship in general, to reward high scholastic attainments in French, to create enthusiasm for an understanding of French Culture and civilization, to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French-speaking world, to always endeavor as perpetual students of a foreign language, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, communication, harmony, peace and justice among peoples, and thus make this world a more loving and caring world for all!

Article Ill - Membership

1. Membership into the National French Honor Society is based on scholarship in general and on leadership in French activities and interests. Students must have maintained a 3.5 average in French and an overall GPA of 3.0. Candidates may be enrolled as early as the fourth semester of French language studies.
2. Pupils are considered active members if they attend all meetings, take part in the organization’s activities, and pay their annual dues.

Article IV — Officers

1. The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian/Co-Historian.
2. The said officers shall be elected by the majority of the active SHF membership.
3. The said officers shall serve a one year term and shall be subject to one re-election.

Society By-Laws

Article I - Meetings

Meetings shall be held once a month. They shall be called by the President or Moderator. The day and date for meetings shall be determined by the Director of Student Activities of Tampa Catholic High School.

Article II - Quorum

A quorum shall be necessary to pass all business, and a quorum shall constitute a fifty-one percent (51%) majority of the voters of the organization.

Article Ill — Order of Business

The order of business of the organization at regular meetings shall be:

1. Call to order / Prayer / NFHS Pledge / National Anthem or Fr. Song
2. Roll Call
3. Reading and adopting Minutes
4. Officers’ reports
5. Committee reports
6. Unfinished business
7. New business
8. Announcements and Program
9. Adjournment and FNHS Motto:

La personne qui sait deux langues en veut deux.

Article IV - Dues

1. The amount of the dues shall be determined at the first meeting of the year.
2. The Treasurer shall collect all dues by the first meeting of November.

Article V- Impeachment

1. Officers may be impeached on the grounds that they are not carrying out their duties. Also, if they should fail more than one subject, do not maintain the required 3.5 average in French or overall GPA of 3.0.
2. As soon as said officer is impeached, the organization must immediately elect someone to take said officer’s place.
3. The removal of any officer is subject to the approval of the Moderator.