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Parent Service Hours

Parent Service Hours Program
Our Philosophy

Tampa Catholic High School believes that the education of our students is a partnership with our families. We encourage parent involvement through our Parent Service Hours Program. The program is an opportunity for each family to help us accomplish our common goals in providing a solid Catholic education, and a healthy, safe and attractive atmosphere in which to learn.

Program Guidelines

Each family with a student enrolled at Tampa Catholic is required to volunteer ten (10) service hours annually. The service hours must be completed, or scheduled for an end-of-the-year event no later than the last week in April and each family’s service hour card must be turned in to the Main office on or before that time.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours count towards the family obligation if the activity directly benefits Tampa Catholic High School. Approved activities include Parent Club and/or Advancement Department-sponsored events, sports activities, or clerical help. If there are any questions about whether an activity qualifies, please contact the Advancement Office at extension 229 or e-mail Felicia White at volunteer@tampacatholic.org before performing the volunteer hours. Community service to other non-profit organizations, while charitable, does not count toward the TC parent service hour requirement. Families will find many opportunities to fulfill service hours in all areas of school life. These will be communicated through the e-TC weekly parent e-newsletter. Please contact the Advancement Department at 870-0860, ext. 229 or via volunteer@tampacatholic.org with any questions.

Cash Donation

If, in lieu of performing service hours, a family chooses to pay for the hours and volunteer no time, the yearly commitment will be $200. The cash payment toward service hours is considered a payment in lieu of volunteering and cannot be designated for benefit of a specific department. Credit will not be earned for purchase of tickets to any Tampa Catholic event, for items sold by student classes, clubs or teams, or for advertising in student literary or athletic publications. The donation of auction items for any Tampa Catholic fundraising event does not qualify towards the service hour requirement. Donations towards uniforms and/or equipment for an athletic program or other school activities does not qualify as a cash or in-kind donation since it directly benefits one program.

In-Kind Donation

A family may also make a donation of items and/or in-kind professional services that are of general benefit to the school to satisfy volunteer hours. If a parent’s business or profession is one that could provide a service to the school that would normally have to be paid for, please consider donating that product or service in fulfillment of parent service hours. Please contact the Advancement Office to qualify your in-kind donation in advance.

Reporting Parent Service Hours

When service hours are completed, the “Parent Service Hour” card should be turned in to the Advancement Office located on the ground floor of the North Classroom Building or in to the front office. If needed, additional cards are available anytime at the main office, in the Advancement Office, or at this link. It is suggested that the service card be kept in a convenient place, such as taped to an inside cabinet door near a phone, and hours logged as they are completed.

It is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to volunteer for the activities of their choice. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become involved in the Tampa Catholic community according to their interests and talents. Together we will continue to provide our students with a well-balanced and strong Catholic education.

Thank you in advance for your service to Tampa Catholic High School.

Qualified Volunteer Activities for Parents

The following are on-going needs which also qualify for Service Hours.

  • Parent Club events throughout the year (Please refer to “major events” in the Parent Club section of this website or contact a committee chairperson for details)
  • Assisting Club Moderators or Team Coaches
  • Chaperone for events, dances & field trips
  • Clerical help
  • Hospitality for events (supply food items, set-up, service, clean-up)
  • Sports (parking attendants, timers, ticket takers, door guards, concession stand, provide transportation)
  • Provide food items for team members (must attach receipt for money spent to service hour reporting card)
  • Sunshine Committee (variety of events throughout year)
  • Bakers - “Homemade” Baked Goods

Please send your service hour card in to Administration office when you have completed your 10 hours.

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