Parent Service Hours Program

Our Philosophy- Tampa Catholic High School believes that the education of our students is a partnership with our families. We encourage parent involvement through our Parent Service Hours Program. The program is an opportunity for each family to help us accomplish our common goals in providing a solid Catholic education and a healthy, safe and attractive atmosphere in which to learn.

Program Guidelines–Tampa Catholic families are required to perform ten (10) hours of service to the school each school year. The requirement is for the family and not based on the number of students you have attending. Service hours must be completed, or scheduled in the case of volunteer opportunities that occur after the deadline, no later than April  3, 2020.  You will be charged for unfulfilled hours at $20 per hour. When you complete 10 hours, report them at the online form, located at this link. If you are not able to or choose not to perform the hours, you can make a payment of $200 in the beginning of the school year in fulfillment of your requirement.

It is each family’s responsibility to send in your hours. Coaches and teachers will not report your hours of service.  

Volunteer Hours- Volunteer hours count towards the family’s requirement if the activity directly benefits Tampa Catholic High School. Opportunities to fulfill service hours are communicated through the e-TC weekly parent e-newsletter with links to the online sign up form.

Qualified Volunteer Activities for Parents: Listed below are examples of qualified service hour activities.

  •  ​​​Any Mothers’ or Dads’ Club meetings or events throughout the year
  • Any school-sponsored parent meeting, i.e. Parent Meet and Greet, Junior (Freshman, Sophomore, Senior) Parent Meeting. 
  • Assisting club moderator or athletic team coaches
  • Chaperoning for events, dances or field trips. Providing food for athletic team or school club meals. Receipt for purchases can be uploaded when completing the online form.

Community service to other non-profit organizations, while charitable, does not count toward the parent service hour requirement. The purchase of tickets to any Tampa Catholic event, items sold by student classes, clubs or teams, or advertising in student literary or athletic publications or banners do not qualify as service hours. The donation of auction items for any Tampa Catholic fundraising event does not qualify towards the service hour requirement. However, time spent soliciting, preparing, delivering items for a fundraising event does qualify.

In-Kind Donation

Donation of items and/or professional services that are of general benefit to the school and are part of our normal budget can be submitted for service hour credit. Please contact the Advancement Office to qualify your in-kind donation in advance.

If there is any question about whether an activity qualifies, please contact Advancement at 813-870-0860 extension 229 or email Morgan Toney before performing the volunteer hours.

Volunteers who work directly with students are required to attend a Safe Environment workshop and pass a Level II background screening. With the principal’s approval Tampa Catholic High School will reimburse Level II background screening costs for full-time volunteers and required overnight chaperones.

Reporting Parent Service Hours

Report hours only after you complete all ten (10) of the requirement. Use the online reporting form which is located at this link.

It is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to volunteer for the activities of their choice. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become involved in the Tampa Catholic community according to their interests and talents. Together, we will continue to provide our students with a well-balanced and strong Catholic education.

Thank you in advance for your service to Tampa Catholic High School.