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TC Students Lend Helping Hands

It wasn’t just about the chance to bank some quality service hours that motivated TC students to donate their time and talents to the “Los Hermanos Camp” in Bonita Springs, Florida, this past July. It was all about the love.

“Los Hermanos Camp” is run exclusively for the less fortunate children of migrant workers in Bonita Springs, Florida. On the week of July 4, 2016, Ms. Edwards, TC’s vice-principal, accompanied 4 TC students to the camp. Our students generously shared their gifts and their loving hearts with these young impoverished children to create the best week of summer ever for all of them. During the day, the TC students spent many hours taking the children on field trips to movies and a local pool, helped them with arts and crafts projects, taught them their prayers, and brought them closer to God. In the evenings, they taught English to young latino adults who were studying for their citizenship exams.

The Christian Brothers in Bonita Springs hosted this event and welcomed the volunteers with open arms. After long days of work, the Christian Brothers treated the volunteer students to delicious meals and good company. Gina Lever, a current TC student said: “This particular week of summer for both the volunteers and children will always hold a special place in our hearts. This was my second year volunteering with these special children; and has become a tradition that I hope will continue!

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