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Semester 1 Grade Distribution Over Four Years

At the end of semester 1, 40% of the courses at Tampa Catholic were completed with an A grade, while 48% of those courses earned a B grade. This means that 88% of the courses successfully completed in semester 1 received a grade of an A or B. This is an excellent performance by your children at Tampa Catholic.

To place this performance in proper perspective, we provide two pieces of information.

(1) The chart below tracks the percentage of A and B grades awarded in semester 1 from the years 2013 to 2016.


(2) This is aligned below to the implementation of different learning initiatives implemented at Tampa Catholic.

2013/14: Standards aligned to learning units; Understanding by Design framework (UbD) introduced to plan learning units; formative and summative assessments introduced.

2014/15: UbD used to plan all courses; teachers used Atlas to plan and house UbD unit plans; non-academic attributes removed from grades; elimination of zeros from the percentage scale; levels of achievement and rubrics introduced; formative/summative assessments set with an 20/80 distribution; students introduced to the Growth Mindset.

2015/16: Retake policy implemented; Power Standards identified; semester exam overrides implemented; grades reported using percentage equivalents of 4 levels of achievement.

2016/17: Power Standards aligned to unit plans; grades reported using the 4-point scale instead of percentage equivalents.

While TC students are now held to higher standards and evaluated only on what they know, understand and are able to do, the distribution trend of A and B grades have not been negatively impacted. Our current grades are a true reflection of academic achievement. We are proud of the way our teachers and students have embraced the higher learning expectations at Tampa Catholic.

For more information on Standards Based Grading please click here.

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