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A St. Patty's Celebration for the Ages

Once again, the TC Campus Ministry team members and our Glee Club recently staged a successful Saint Patrick’s Day party for the senior residents of John Knox Village. The following day a thank you note arrived from one of the residents, Ms. Susan Harrison, a former TC faculty member. She offered this moving observation:

“I know I speak for all of us residents who attended tonight's St. Pat's Party when I say a huge thank you. The TC parties you provide for us are looked forward to for weeks, and talked about for days after. The St. Patrick's party is by far the one most enjoyed and looked forward to.  As I sat and observed your faces while you sang and danced, I was so touched. Your radiance, your joy, nearly drowned us!  You couldn't know this, but several of the residents who were out on the dance floor are in the 90s. Aging takes its toll. Nights like tonight help us all to forget for an hour the challenges so many face. Christ told us that whatever you do to these the least of my brothers you do to me. Never ever forget this as you move on into your lives. You are his mouth to bless, his hands to heal. Just know that what you do, no matter how small it may seem, for older persons, becomes for them a treasured memory. God has blessed us tonight through you. Thank you, members of the TC Campus Ministry Team!”

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