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Pet Blessing Barking Lot

Tuesday, October 4th, saw our senior parking lot transformed into a “barking lot” as numerous TC parents opened their car doors to release their four legged companions to attend the eleventh annual “Blessing of Pets Ceremony” in front of Crusader Hall.

Fish, ferrets, felines and furry dogs bowed their heads to receive God’s blessings bestowed on them by Fr. Bruce Craig SDB, and Brother Chris Burns CFC. The gathering was reminiscent of Noah’s Ark, where all God’s beautiful, diverse animals gathered under one roof and managed to get along so well with each other. The lesson this blessing service teaches us is to observe and learn from our pets. They are non-judgmental and always empathetic, always ready to hear our joys and sorrows, our hopes and hurts. They provide us with no answers to our questions, nor solutions to our problems. Their importance lies in their presence to us as loyal listeners. Maybe as humans we can learn from them, and remember how important it is to be gentle and patient with one another, and with ourselves. Thanks to all members of the TC Campus Ministry Team for making this blessed event a memorable one. 


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