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New Campus Ministers Commissioned for ’17-’18

Just prior to the opening of the new school year, 40 TC students attended a workshop at the Bethany Retreat Center to learn the skills of being a Campus Minister. These new members will join up with our returning 40 members who were Campus Ministers last year.

Br. Chris Burns, Director of Campus Ministry, and Mrs. Peg Huey, led the workshop, and taught the students how to facilitate small discussion groups, how to become better listeners, and how to speak in front of a large group.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Brother conducted a commissioning ceremony, and inducted the new members into Campus Ministry. In his homily he used the analogy of the apple; the students can stay on the skin or surface level and just go through the motions by fulfilling the basic requirements, or they can reach down to the core of the apple, give 100% of their time and talent, and produce good seed that will bear fruit in the TC community.




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