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Bishop Lynch Celebrates Mass of Healing with TC Students

This week, Bishop Robert Lynch celebrated a special Mass of Healing for the residents of John Knox Village in Tampa. Students from Tampa Catholic were called upon to help serve the Mass, as well as transport the approximately one hundred senior citizens attending the liturgy to the site of the Mass. TC students Genevieve Cosentino, John Privitere and Lauren Crockett shared their enthusiasm for this task by commenting, “Bishop Lynch delivered an amazing homily centered on the virtue of hope. You could see it affected those in attendance by the look of hope in their eyes as they prayed for good health and healing. It was heartwarming and enlightening for us to witness the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick for the first time. All the residents were so friendly, warm and grateful as we transported them back to their rooms. Even though we missed valuable class time that morning, and had to make up our assignments, it was well worth it as we experienced an event filled with great hope and joy. On top of all that, the Bishop was kind enough to treat us to lunch!!”

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