Tracking Crusader Parent Involvement Hours

2022 Parents Club Logo-Crusader.pngCrusader Parent Involvement hours are tracked in X2VOL. Your parent accounts were established over the summer and an email was sent to you with your personalized account registration instructions. X2VOL gives you the opportunity to join a pre-defined opportunity or to add a personal project, to upload your receipts and to keep track of your parent hours.

Each family will have one account for tracking parent service hours. All hours performed on behalf of Crusader Parent Involvement hours should be tracked in that parent account. The parent account and opportunities are separate from the student accounts and opportunities.

Crusader Parent Involvement hours must be performed to directly benefit Tampa Catholic High School. For example, working for three hours at a non-profit organization will not earn parent service hour credit, but acting as a chaperone to TC students working at a non-profit as requested by a TC faculty or staff member will earn parent service hours. Writing a check to a specific team or TC organization will not earn parent service hours, but providing a meal to a specific TC team or organization will earn parent service hours once the X2VOL entry is completed with a receipt attached.

Donations of items will be credited at a rate of one hour per $20 spent on donations. A receipt must be attached to X2VOL in order to be credited for a donation.

Questions regarding parent X2VOL accounts and activity may be directed to Missy Vivino.

Photograph of Sidney Oster
Sidney Oster
Director of Communications