Thirty-Five TC Students Attended National Catholic Youth Conference

National Catholic Youth Conference 2017 Video

In November, thirty-five Tampa Catholic juniors and seniors attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana held every two years.  Led by math department chair Claire Harpole, and assisted by teachers Keith Aeschbach and Shannon Norden along with parent Connie Rosetti, the students shared their love of God with 27,000 high school kids from across the United States.  

They attended breakout sessions with popular Catholic speakers like Sarah Kroger, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, Jackie Angel, Jason Evert, Matt Maher and Mark Hart.  Some sessions included topics on sexuality, morality, community service, lessons on loving yourself and creating balance in your life.

Students received shark hats to trade with other students at the conference.  There were more than 150 colleges, companies, ministries, organizations, religious communities and vendors on exhibit at the convention each day. Nicole Figga (mom to TC junior Sebastian Figga) shared her talents and donated homemade blankets, TC cowbells, rubber bracelets, and room signs for all the attendees.  Although the days were long, each student shared their experiences each night with the group before going to bed well after midnight.