TC Senior Service Day Puts Crusaders in Our Community

Senior Service Day is the fruition of the key principles emblazoned upon the TC crest, Veritas and Caritas. Tampa Catholic spends 4 years fortifying our students in the Truth of the Faith so that they may go out into the world and be Love to All. 

The final course of Senior year is based on the Seven Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. This Theology course transitions our students into full discipleship for Jesus Christ. They learn to serve the marginalized and prioritize those in our society most in need. 

The class of 2019 offered their time and talents last month to Mendenhall Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, and Metropolitan Ministries. As St James states, "So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead." The faith of this senior class is fully alive! 

Eighty seniors went to Mendenhall and Oak Grove Elementary Schools to work in the classrooms; reading, tutoring, and helping with music, PE and art.  The remainder of the senior class traveled to Metropolitan Ministries where they participated in an immersion experience learning about poverty, homelessness and caring for the vulnerable. The students toured the Metropolitan Ministries facility and all of our seniors served in various ways throughout the campus. Some by preparing food, and cleaning the kitchen while others helped in landscaping and assisting clients.

Things our seniors did for the needs of others:

  • Landscaping, mulching and raking
  • Preparing food
  • Mopping & scrubbing counters/dishes
  • Infant care & toddler play time
  • Organizing thrift shop donations
  • Being a teacher's aide, library assistant or classroom tutor



Check out the slide show below to see our seniors at work in Tampa Bay.

Senior Service Day 2019