TC Resumes School - Thursday Following Hurricane Irma

Dear TC Parents and Students,

We are pleased to reopen school on Thursday, September 14.  Power was restored to the academic side of the campus last night, although the Gym and Athletic Complex are still without power.  This will not inhibit a return to school.

We certainly know that individual circumstances may not permit a return to school by some and and we will make the necessary accommodations for those students upon their return.  Absences will be excused, but we ask that you call in absences in the normal fashion if your son/daughter is unable to attend classes tomorrow.  Please make every effort to have your student return on Thursday.  We feel a return to school as soon as possible will help with the needed sense of normalcy after the stress and trauma that we have all experienced this past week.

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All buildings have been safety checked and all systems are operable (electric, network, kitchen, fire alarms, plumbing etc.).  Lunch will be served on Thursday.  Tampa Catholic was fortunate to experience minimal wind damage and no water damage.  

I pray that your individual circumstances allow for a quick recovery and we can all begin to return to our normal school and work routines. 


Mr. Robert C. Lees