TC Hosts Luncheon for Senior Citizens at John Knox Village


On Saturday, December 16th, 25 student members of the TC Campus Ministry Team hosted a Christmas Luncheon for the senior citizens at John Knox Village. They were responsible for getting the 60+ residents from their rooms in the assisted living area of John Knox down to the dining room. They then served the seniors their meals, dined and chatted with them, cleaned the tables, and delivered the residents safely back to their rooms. 

Prior to the event, they were given detailed instructions by the JKV staff on how to navigate wheelchairs, accompany people with walkers, and what to do if the resident fell. While initially nervous before assuming responsibility for their tasks, the Campus Ministers eventually gained confidence as they won smiles and compliments from the senior residents. One sweet wheelchair bound lady commented to Br. Chris Burns that “I would love to hug all your students because they are so kind and adorable”. Several residents asked the students to stay longer because they felt lonely and wanted to chat more.

While the TC students could have been with their friends that day at the malls, doing Christmas shopping, they realized that when all was said and done, they had given the best Christmas present ever – the gift of their loving presence to those at John Knox Village who needed their present the most.