TC Habitat For Humanity (H4H) Club Goes Building

What a great day to help build a home in Tampa for a prospective family!

There are currently four families applying to Habitat for Humanity – Hillsborough County to acquire this home on 22nd street in Tampa. Our Crusaders were excited to learn about construction. As we were worked on a new house, we were able to line the home with insulation. Our very talented insulation cutting team included: Vivi Nguyen, Kim DeRoche, Tiffany Parker, and Ellie Ryan. Three brave members of our team worked with the compression gun and ladders to get the insulation in place: Angel Felix, Johnny Dagher, and Eric Clouse. And we owe a very special thank you to Day Hernandez and Chase Noriega who agreed to work at every job on site, including the tedious task of loading all of the equipment into a new, secure, storage shed. The next time we go out, we will likely work with the future owners of the home on the final details of the build.

After the build, our team went with our club president, Ryan Berardi, to set up the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Festival in Water Works Park. Thanks to us, the tables, tents and chairs did not blow away. At this event, all Habitat volunteers like us from all over Hillsborough were recognized with food, prizes, games, musical performances, and photo opportunities with Mrs. Clause and the top Elf, our volunteer coordinator, Ms. Calle Lupica. We also shared our experiences as volunteers with community members who are interested in volunteering at Habitat for Humanity (but have not joined us yet).

We were blessed with good weather and good energy as we served together to permanently shelter the homeless.