TC Girls Serve Tampa’s Homeless Through “Bags of Hope”

Bags of Hope


BAGS OF HOPE was founded in January 2018 by Karina Wilson TC’19 and two friends, who have since gone on to start college; thus, passing the torch to the next generation. TC juniors Monina Chua and Bianca Burgos have become among the first volunteer staff members of Bags of Hope.

BAGS OF HOPE is an extension of the Community Food Pantry in North Tampa (Carrollwood area) and strives to end the physical and emotional needs of food insecurity. Through Bags of Hope, these girls organize toiletry drives and activities to create donation-based bags that each include basic necessities such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a source of protein. In addition to these items, each bag has a drawing made by elementary students with a message of inspiration, and a paper that lists outreach centers for those in need, so they can receive a warm meal or a shower.

BAGS Of HOPE provides dignity and support to those who are homeless, hungry or underserved.  Together, these girls work every Sunday at the Community Food Pantry to carry out the mission of this non-profit —TO SPREAD HOPE! They are always looking for new opportunities to receive donations and love teaching new volunteers about the importance of spreading hope throughout the community. 

In just two years, the BAGS OF HOPE mission has provided over 10,000 toiletry bags to the Tampa Bay community. As you travel or clean out your bathroom cabinets, please remember the Bags of Hope mission and donate toiletry items as we share grace and kindness with those in need.

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Bags of Hope Twitter

What They Need:

See list of needed items in the twitter screen capture. You can drop off donations to Bags of Hope at this located:

Community Food Pantry
at Village Presbyterian Church
13115 South Village Drive, Tampa, FL, 33618

Sundays from 11:30 AM to 3 PM or
Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 3PM.

Visit their webpage: BAGS OF HOPE

Or visit their social media: