New Initiatives in School Security

After the Parkland tragedy, schools were tasked with assessing their security procedures and protocols to help ensure the safest possible environment for their students.  Since that very dark day in February, we have taken action to change or modify our procedures and policies at Tampa Catholic.  Some policies were implemented last year.  Below are some new initiatives effective for this year:

  • School Safety Officer -  I would like to introduce you to Officer Rosalyn Rodriguez (see contact below and click "more details" for her bio).  Officer Rodriguez will be the School Safety Officer at TC.  Her duties will be to bring an added layer of security and prevention to TC and she has already connected with Tampa Police and Hillsborough County School security to receive information and training.  You will see Officer Rodriguez’s presence on campus both during and after school and she will work in coordination with Dean Harpole and Dean Griffin.
  • TC Cares – Now live on our website is a reporting mechanism available to students and parents that will allow you to report dangerous situations, concerns or potential threats.  While these reports can be anonymous, we are much more successful investigating claims when we can follow up with those making the claim. If you use TC Cares, please consider including your name.  We will go to great lengths to guard your confidentiality.
  • Safety Audit – The Tampa PD completed a safety audit of our campus on July.  The findings from this audit have been used to modify our drills and procedures.  We will also be revising our emergency plans and protocols.
  • RaptorTech-LogoTag_fullcolor_RGB.pngRaptor – All visitors to our campus will be subject to screening through a system known as Raptor.  Raptor scans a driver’s license for past crimes to prevent campus access to offenders.  All campus visitors will be screened and a badge will be printed through the system with sign in and out data.
  • messagepro-logo-with-padding.pngMessagePro – MessagePro is an app that is being used by our faculty and staff for instant communication and alerts.  Alerts are coded by degree of severity and will allow us to coordinate our efforts in the event of an emergency. 

These new initiatives, in addition to what we added and implemented last year, will help to make our campus a safer and more secure place.  We will always be seeking improvement to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your children while they are in our care.

Robert C. Lees, Principal
Tampa Catholic High School

Photograph of Rosalyn Rodriguez ’73
Rosalyn Rodriguez ’73
Security Officer