Hurricane Procedures and Reminders

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be testing our text system Thursday August 29th.  There is no notice at this time.

With current projections indicating that Hurricane Dorian may impact Florida, I wanted to take a moment to review and inform you of our procedures for closing school due to adverse weather and how to stay informed in the event of an emergency.  Tampa Catholic will do everything we can to keep you informed with timely notices in the following manner:Hurricane Info_pic.jpg

1)    If school is to be closed due to adverse conditions, we will notify families by text, email, voice mail (if possible) and through social media (Tampa Catholic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  We will also add a banner to our website with information.  We respectfully ask that you please refrain from calling the school. If a notice has not been sent, we are likely still ascertaining the threat, in collaboration with our partner schools and Diocesan officials.  The front office will not have information to pass along until that decision has been made. As soon as a decision is made, we will immediately notify you.  We will also notify the local media but our notices will likely reach you much faster and with more current information.

Note:  If you have not yet liked or followed us on Social Media – we highly recommend that you do.  This is a quick and easy way to receive all relevant school information.

2)    A closure of Tampa Catholic is not tied to the closures in Hillsborough County or any other public school district.  Public schools are often used as shelters for other areas of the state that are under duress. (For example:  A hurricane impacting Jacksonville may not be a threat to our area BUT the state may ask Hillsborough County Schools to be an evacuation site for the people of Jacksonville requiring the closure of Hillsborough County Schools).  This would not necessitate a closure at Tampa Catholic.  

3)    Weather is only one factor in determining a school closure.  Most of the time, extended school closures are related to the lack of power and may be related to area evacuation.  Once the weather has cleared, we will survey our campus, clean up any storm damage, assess and rectify any potential dangers and issue a notice about the reopening of school through email, text and social media.  

All decisions will be made with the health, safety and welfare of our students and families in mind.  We pray for a quiet hurricane season and that Hurricane Dorian does not make a significant impact on our state this weekend.  


Mr. Robert Lees