Hurricane Irma 2017

My hopes and prayers are with everyone in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. I hope that everyone made it through the storm safely with little damage.  I know many of our families were displaced from their homes, some of who have still not returned to Tampa, others that are still without power, and many that are still in clean-up mode due to all of the debris left from the storm.  Yesterday was our first day back to school as we attempt to get back to some of the normalcy of our lives.

As you can imagine the hurricane played havoc with our athletic schedule.  All games and events for the week were cancelled with the exception of the swim meet which as of this writing is still on for tomorrow morning at North Shore pool in St. Pete. 

Many of the teams will be getting back to practice and the best thing is to have your son or daughter contact their coach to see exactly when practices will resume.  My assistant AD, Benny Rodriguez, and I are trying to reschedule events whenever possible.  The coaches will be able to give you any information on anything that has been rescheduled so check with them.  Next week we will resume our regular scheduled events that you can find on the athletic calendar on the school website. 

Again, I hope all of you are safe.