Easter Blessings to You and to Your Family


Dear Tampa Catholic Students, Families, Alumni and Friends,

Easter blessings to you and to your family.  During Holy Week, I found myself reflecting on St. Peter, the rock on whom our Church was built.  In many ways, it was not Peter’s best week.  On numerous occasions, he fell short when Jesus needed him most.  He falls asleep time and again in the garden during Jesus’s distress.  He denies Jesus three times after promising to go to the cross with Him.  During Jesus' execution, Peter is absent, leaving only Mary and John at His side on Calvary.  

For three days, the saintly Peter had to live with his decisions, his actions and inactions.  He lived with his failures, weakness, cowardice, despair, anguish and uncertainty.  Somehow through it all, when told that the tomb is empty, Peter runs with a hope that only true faith can bring, beautifully depicted by the artist Eugene Burnand (see below).  

Through all his weakness and shortcomings, he is chosen to be one of the first to witness the risen Christ.  He is chosen to lead the faithful followers.  In spite of his weaknesses and failings, he still embodies Christian Hope - the confident expectation of what God has promised.

During these uncertain and troubling times, may we maintain the virtue of Christian Hope, embodied by St. Peter, to overcome the anguish, uncertainty and despair so many are now experiencing.  This is my prayer for the Tampa Catholic community today and throughout the Easter Season.  May God bless you and your family!


Happy Easter!





Mr. Robert Lees, Principal
Tampa Catholic High School 


The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the Resurrection 1898. Eugène Burnand / Public domain