The Dziagwa Discourse: Blog 4/21/20

As many of you have heard by now the FHSAA has decided to cancel all FHSAA affiliated events, including all state series playoffs and state championships for spring sports.  As they explained in their memo to the Athletic Directors around the state, the safety of the student-athletes, coaches, officials, and fans is their top priority, as it should be. 

They went on to address the topic of grade retention, but upon review of the Florida Statutes and the FHSAA bylaws no additional eligibility will be granted for spring sport athletes.  This is something that the NCAA granted to seniors at the college level, but the FHSAA will not grant at the high school level.

As your athletic director who has a senior at the college level that saw his senior basketball season come to an abrupt end I can certainly share with our seniors the disappointment of not seeing their senior season come to an end on the field of play.  I have told people that as heart wrenching as it was to lose the state championship basketball game, it is far better to lose than to not even play the game.  Not being able to play the game,  run in the track meet,  play the match, or row in the regatta is not easy to handle, but I know our seniors are a resilient group.  To all of our student-athletes I want to thank you for your dedication to Tampa Catholic and our athletic program.  You have been an inspiration to all of us in these uncertain times.  You are going through something that no senior class or teams in history has ever gone through and you are showing the rest of us how to be strong, resilient, and forever look forward to better days.  We thank all of you and wish you the best.  We know you will make it through these times and be better for what you have endured.  

If there is ever anything that we can help you with please reach out to us.  We are here for you.  TC athletics: creating champions on the field, in the classroom (even though that classroom is now at home) and in the community.  Stay safe and healthy.


Don Dziagwa
Athletic Director