Cross Country Summer Training

Tampa Catholic Cross Country Summer Training

Hello TC XC runners and families,

The 2015 season begins now, let’s start a new set of traditions and move to the front of the pack. With some early dedication and stepping out of your comfort zone, we can build a foundation for a strong cross country season.

Here is what summer has in store:

  • All new training plans to build a strong foundation before the season starts. By building a strong endurance foundation over the summer you can enter the regular season in August ready to up your game and be competitive.
  • Running seminars and group runs with other high school cross country teams. By doing this you will learn how to run with others, use the person in front of you to pace you, motivate you or as a target to run faster. Socialize with other high school students with similar interests.
  • Run at different locations for a change of scenery and paces & participate in a circuit strength training program
  • Use your other days, when we are not training as a group, to cross train with weights and cardio, biking or running. 

Items you need for running:

  • Good pair of shoes, running watch for timing, sunscreen & bug spray, Hat/visor, sun glasses, water bottle. If you have a parent that is a runner, maybe you can borrow their Garmin for pacing that will help for training only; these are not allowed in competition.
  • These summer training days cannot be mandatory, but are HIGHLY encouraged. We have the Monday evening practice to coincide with running seminars and group runs and we have arranged the 2 early morning practices so that we can beat the heat as much as possible. Practices will last for about
  • 1 ½ hours. We know that vacations are planned ahead of time and all we ask is that every effort is made to attend the 3 practices a week; we are working with our own vacation schedules as well.
  • Sleeping in is not an option, but afternoon naps are, remember, while you are sleeping in, your competition is out training. With this foundation we can build a better runner for the 2015 season and the future.