$500,000 Challenge Gift Offered by Bishop Gregory Parkes

“Catholic education is the greatest of gifts, a gift of faith, promise, and opportunity passed from one generation to the next.”

Most-Rev-Gregory-L.-Parkes_1080.jpgToday as we culminate Catholic Schools Week, we are most pleased to announce a magnanimous $500,000 gift to Tampa Catholic High School made by Most Reverend Gregory L. Parkes as Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. In making this gift, Bishop Parkes affirmed the transformative mission of Tampa Catholic and offered a challenge for others to prioritize charitable giving to the school so that his “Challenge Gift” would be matched in full by the end of this school year. 

As Catholic Schools Week is celebrated across the United States, Bishop Parkes stressed the importance of Catholic schools, noting that Catholic education teaches our students to “Learn, Serve, Succeed.” He emphasized that Tampa Catholic gives its students the opportunity to reach their full God-given potential by providing an education rooted in faith, excellence and family.

Principal Lees acknowledges this gift as evidence of the importance Bishop Parkes and the Diocese of St. Petersburg place on providing a first-rate education for the youth of our community - “Our ability to provide a world prep education in the Catholic tradition will be greatly enhanced by this generous gift. Bishop Parkes is a tireless advocate for Catholic schools. I am so grateful for his leadership and support of our mission at this exciting time in the history of Tampa Catholic High School.”

Bishop Parkes’ gift is the latest in a series of impactful gifts to Tampa Catholic that over the past year have made possible plans for expanded programs, new facilities, and enhanced opportunities for TC students and families. This Challenge Gift follows a similar $500,000 challenge made by Lydia and John Oliva that was matched in full in December after a $50,000 gift was received from an anonymous donor representing the latest in a handful of donors who have stepped-up to match the Oliva gift over the past six months.

If you are inspired by the generosity of others or motivated to make a gift toward matching Bishop Parkes’ $500,000 Challenge Gift, please contact Principal Lees directly. We are most grateful for your support of TC at this defining moment for the school.