2015-16 Team Accomplishments

As we get closer to the end of the school year I thought this would be a good time to recognize some of the team accomplishments this year.  All of us are in one way or another a part of the success that we have had this year.  

FOOTBALL: District champions; advanced to state semifinal

CROSS COUNTRY: Girls’ team advanced to Regional

BOYS SOCCER: District champion; Regional champion, advanced to state championship game; state runner-up

BOYS BASKETBALL: District champion; Regional champion; advanced to state Final Four

GIRLS BASKETBALL: District runner-up; advanced to regional semi-final

CHEERLEADING: Regional champion; finished 4th in state

CRUSADERETTES: 1st place finish in the MA Southeast dance competition

BASEBALL: District champion; advanced to regional final

SOFTBALL: District runner-up; advanced to regional semifinal

TENNIS: Boys tie for district runner-up, but lose in a tiebreak match.

In future blogs I hope to be able to recognize some of the individual accomplishments of our student-athletes this year.  Your support has been and will continue to be crucial to our athletic success.  We need your attention, presence, and spirit for all of our teams and student-athletes.  It takes all of us to develop champions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.  WE ARE TC!