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My name is Mark Lamoureux and I’m your new Golf Coach at Tampa Catholic High School. I retired in May of 2020, and now have the time to pay it forward and cannot think of a better opportunity than to coach High School golf!  This sport that teaches valuable life skills. It's a sport where young and old can compete against each other.  It's a sport that entire families and friends can play together. It builds character because it is the only sport where you call a penalty on yourself. 

Yes, you always want to win but did you do so ethically?  It means nothing if you didn’t. My #1 belief as your coach is if you can’t compete fairly then what is the point?  The greatest sense of pride and accomplishment is knowing you did things the right way. That goes for sports, school, work and most importantly your relationships with others. 

Please feel free to reach out if you or your parents have any questions or concerns. 

Tampa Catholic Golf Mission Statement:

“To play the game fairly no matter what your score. To have fun while playing and to learn more about yourself while competing.” 

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