Applications for the current 2022-23 school year are no longer available. The application process for 9th and 10th graders to transfer for the 2022-23 second semester (starting Jan. 2023) will open November 4, 2022. Please contact the Admissions Department with any questions. 



Transfer students currently living in the Tampa Bay area are only accepted at the beginning of a semester.  Tampa Catholic does not accept local seniors as transfer students or juniors at the beginning of the second semester.  Valedictorian & Salutatorian Eligibility: Students must have completed a minimum of five consecutive semesters at Tampa Catholic and be a model of exemplary behavior with no major disciplinary infractions.

 Step 1: Complete An Application

Apply Now allows you to create an online account to apply as a transfer student to Tampa Catholic for the 2022-23 school year and submit the $75.00 (non-refundable) application fee.

  • Please save your log-in information as you will use this to enroll/register your student. You will be provided a confirmation email, a copy of the transfer affidavit and a request for records.

 Step 2:  Request For Records

  • We will need records from your student's current school - two years of academic history (report card, transcript) including standardized test scores, courses with grades in process and a transfer student affidavit.
  • Transfer students must be on track to graduate from Tampa Catholic.
  • Students who have documented special needs must provide the complete results of a psychological-educational evaluation (within the last 3 years).  Please fax or email the information to the Admissions Office.  Information is confidential.
  • After the required records and transfer affidavit are received, an Admissions Committee reviews the applicant's file and makes the final decision on admissions.

 Step 3: Notice Of Admissions Status

Admissions Department will send notification of admission status via email after the Admissions Committee review.

When a transfer applicant receives an acceptance letter to Tampa Catholic High School, he or she will also receive instructions for online enrollment/registration, as well as tuition and financial aid information. 



Congratulations on your Acceptance To Tampa Catholic!

We are very excited to have a new Crusader in the Family!
 Follow the instructions below to enroll/register a new Tampa Catholic student
after you have received your acceptance letter.

Step 1: Complete the online enrollment/registration, go to Apply Now  use the same email and password as you originally set up to apply to Tampa Catholic.  Use the line for New Student Enrollment Contract

Step 2: Complete the FACTS agreement noted on the Tuition/Finance page  

Step 3: Submit the Parish Verification Form

Step 4: Submit the required Health Forms - Incoming students are required to present a Florida Certification of Immunizations (State of Florida DH Form 680) and School Entry Health Exam (State of Florida- DH Form 3040) – both of these forms are available from the Pediatrician/Doctor’s office.  Students cannot start school without these forms on file. The Diocese of St. Petersburg does not recognize a religious objection to immunizations.

Step 5: Receive student schedule, complete summer reading, review Crusader Links.

  • See Athletics for information on Sports Physicals and forms.

  • Please keep us up to date on any address / telephone / email changes so that you will continue to receive all necessary information from Tampa Catholic.


Families wishing to appeal a decision of the admissions committee should contact the Director of Admission, Delaney Webb at 813.870.0860 ext. 240.

Transfer Student Admission Criteria

  • High school cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • 50th percentile or higher on standardized tests
  • Satisfactory discipline and attendance records and appropriate school recommendations/forms
  • No deficient credits
  • Letter of good standing/transfer affidavit from current school