Transfer applications for the 2022-2023 school year are no longer available. Transfers are not considered mid-semester.

The transfer application to start in August 2023 (as a 10th or 11th grader) will open in April 2023.


Transfer students currently living in the Tampa Bay area are only accepted at the beginning of a semester.  Tampa Catholic does not accept local seniors as transfer students or juniors at the beginning of the second semester.  Valedictorian & Salutatorian Eligibility: Students must have completed a minimum of five consecutive semesters at Tampa Catholic and be a model of exemplary behavior with no major disciplinary infractions.

 Step 1: Complete An Application

Apply Now allows you to create an online account to apply as a transfer student to Tampa Catholic for the 2023-24 school year and submit the $75.00 (non-refundable) application fee.

  • Please save your log-in information as you will use this to enroll/register your student. You will be provided a confirmation email, a copy of the transfer affidavit and a request for records.

 Step 2:  Request For Records

  • We will need records from your student's current school - two years of academic history (report card, transcript) including standardized test scores, courses with grades in process and a transfer student affidavit.
  • Transfer students must be on track to graduate from Tampa Catholic.
  • Students who have documented special needs must provide the complete results of a psychological-educational evaluation (within the last 3 years).  Please fax or email the information to the Admissions Office.  Information is confidential.
  • After the required records and transfer affidavit are received, an Admissions Committee reviews the applicant's file and makes the final decision on admissions.

 Step 3: Notice Of Admissions Status

Admissions Department will send notification of admission status via email after the Admissions Committee review.

When a transfer applicant receives an acceptance letter to Tampa Catholic High School, he or she will also receive instructions for online enrollment/registration, as well as tuition and financial aid information. 



Congratulations on your Acceptance To Tampa Catholic!

We are very excited to have a new Crusader in the Family!
 Follow the instructions below to enroll/register a new Tampa Catholic student
after you have received your acceptance letter.

Step 1: Complete the online enrollment/registration, go to Apply Now  use the same email and password as you originally set up to apply to Tampa Catholic.  Use the line for New Student Enrollment Contract

Step 2: Complete the FACTS agreement noted on the Tuition/Finance page  

Step 3: Submit the Parish Verification Form

Step 4: Submit the required Health Forms - Incoming students are required to present a Florida Certification of Immunizations (State of Florida DH Form 680) and School Entry Health Exam (State of Florida- DH Form 3040) – both of these forms are available from the Pediatrician/Doctor’s office.  Students cannot start school without these forms on file. The Diocese of St. Petersburg does not recognize a religious objection to immunizations.

Step 5: Receive student schedule, complete summer reading, review Crusader Links.

  • See Athletics for information on Sports Physicals and forms.

  • Please keep us up to date on any address / telephone / email changes so that you will continue to receive all necessary information from Tampa Catholic.


Families wishing to appeal a decision of the admissions committee should contact the Director of Admission, Delaney Webb at 813.870.0860 ext. 240.

Transfer Student Admission Criteria

  • High school cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • 50th percentile or higher on standardized tests
  • Satisfactory discipline and attendance records and appropriate school recommendations/forms
  • No deficient credits
  • Letter of good standing/transfer affidavit from current school