Students Using iPad


In September, 2011, Tampa Catholic High School completed and adopted a strategic plan that set a course for the future in the areas of academics, facilities, advancement, marketing, and technology. The technology and academic sections of the strategic plan charged the school with the task of using technology to enhance the students’ learning environment.  Since then, over $600,000 in new equipment and wireless capacity has been allocated to ensure that the school has the technology backbone to support emerging technologies.

Since August, 2013 students and teachers have been using iPads in unique and engaging ways to enhance the learning process. They are able to access resources immediately during lessons and communicate electronically after class. The iPad as a common platform and device for all learners ensures equity, promotes 21st century learning, and enhances best practices for teachers.

The Present

The iPad has become instrumental in the classroom by providing students with a powerful tool to supplement and tailor their learning environment.

This is an exciting time to be a Tampa Catholic Crusader. The iPad program reinforces our commitment to technology integration and college readiness.