Thank you for your interest in Tampa Catholic High School

We are a Community of Faith, Excellence and Family

We truly appreciate your interest in Tampa Catholic.  It's a great time to be a Crusader! We foster the individual talent of each student and pursue excellence in all grade levels! Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging health situation. We are available to help you navigate the admissions process and answer any questions you may have.  



Applications for the class of 2025 are OPEN!  Click here to create your online account to complete a 9th Grade application or request information regarding the admission process. 

Important Admission Dates for the Class of 2025:

FACTS Grant and Aid applications are open

Completed files (applications, supporting documents, HSPT) are evaluated

Admission decision notifications are sent after admissions committee review

After May 1st - HSPT at Huntington Learning Center - contact Admissions Office




Incoming Freshman Student 

Please call our office at 813-870-0860 if you have any questions or concerns. 
Fax documents to:  813-877-4299 or 
Email: or


 Step 1: Complete An Application

Complete the Online Application - Apply Now link allows you to apply to Tampa Catholic by creating an online account. This online account allows you to submit an application to Tampa Catholic ($50.00 application fee) and enroll/register your incoming student.  
  • Please save your log-in information, as you will use this throughout the application process. 

 Step 2: Take the HSPT Admission/Entrance Test (Incoming Freshman only)

Tampa Catholic uses the High School Placement Test/HSPT as one of the criteria for admission/acceptance for 9th grade.  See information below regarding the Pope Francis Merit Scholarship.
  • Preparation is suggested but not required; HSPT test prep books are available at local bookstores/Amazon - just Google HSPT prep or study guides
  • The HSPT admissions test may only be taken once
  • HSPT scores may be shared with other schools using the same test, at parent's request
  • Results of the HSPT are sent with the Admission Status Notification if your student took test at TC
  • HSPT at Huntington Learning Center - Contact Admissions Office for details
After you complete an application, an admissions packet will be emailed regarding the required documents that are needed for your student to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.
  • The required documents include:
  1. The records release (to allow a school to share information with TC)
  2. The Principal, Math and English evaluation forms (parent gives these to the school). The school will send these back to TC  
  3. 7th & 8th Grade academic history (report card, transcript). The school will send these to TC
  4. Standardized test scores (the school will send these to TC)
  5. Support plan documents if applicable (information included in admission packet)
  • Student Support Information: Students who have documented special needs must provide the complete results of a psychological-educational evaluation.  Specific information from our Student Support Team will be provided.  Please fax or email the information to the Admissions Office.  Information is confidential.

  Step 4: Admissions Committee review

The Admissions Committee reviews an applicant's HSPT results, academic history, standardized test scores, Principal, Math, English Evaluation forms, support plan (if applicable) and makes the final decision on admission to Tampa Catholic

  Step 5: Notice of Admission Status - It's great to be a Crusader!

  • Admissions Department will send notification of admission status via email after the Admissions Committee review.
  • Please review "Tuition/Finance"

 Scholarship OPPORTUNITIES - Incoming Freshman 

  • Pope Francis Merit Scholarship Opportunity - The Tampa Catholic High School Pope Francis Merit Scholar Award is designed to attract and retain students entering 9th grade whose scores on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) are in the top 1-2 % nationwide and who demonstrate exceptional scholastic ability. Tampa Catholic High School will provide Pope Francis Merit Scholarship recipients with an annual award for each of their four years at Tampa Catholic. Pope Francis Merit Scholar awards are separate from and, in some cases, supplementary to need-based financial aid awards offered by the Diocese of St. Petersburg and Tampa Catholic High School. These awards are offered at varying levels.  

To renew the award each year, a Pope Francis Merit Scholar must achieve the following: Maintain a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 / Be enrolled in Honors, Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies / Complete all required community service by the designated dates / Remain free of serious disciplinary referral / If the scholarship is rescinded for any reason, it cannot be renewed in a subsequent year.

  • Elsa Zarate Memorial Scholarship Program - The Zarate family established the Elsa Zarate Memorial Scholarship Program in 2007 to honor the memory of their mother. The program is designed to provide needed financial assistance to those families whose child wishes to pursue a Catholic education at Tampa Catholic High School. Awards (if any) are competitive within the eligibility criteria of this scholarship program. The program is focused on assisting qualified applicants who are well rounded students, who show the importance of giving back to the community and fully participate in the mission of a Catholic education. All eligible individuals are encouraged to apply. Download the Elsa Zarate Memorial Scholarship program brochure.
    Application deadline April 1.


Congratulations on your Acceptance To Tampa Catholic!

We are very excited to have a new Crusader in the Family!
 Follow the instructions below to enroll/register a new Tampa Catholic student
after you have received your acceptance letter.

Step 1: Complete the online enrollment/registration, go to Apply Now  use the same email and password as you originally set up to apply to Tampa Catholic.  Use the line for New Student Enrollment Contract

Step 2: Complete the FACTS agreement noted on the Tuition/Finance page  

Step 3: Submit the Parish Verification Form

Step 4: Submit the required Health Forms - Incoming students are required to present a Florida Certification of Immunizations (State of Florida DH Form 680) and School Entry Health Exam (State of Florida- DH Form 3040) – both of these forms are available from the Pediatrician/Doctor’s office.  Students cannot start school without these forms on file. The Diocese of St. Petersburg does not recognize a religious objection to immunizations

Step 5: Receive student schedule, complete summer reading, review Crusader Links

  • See Athletics for information on Sports Physicals and forms

  • Please keep us up to date on any address / telephone / email changes so that you will continue to receive all necessary information from Tampa Catholic



Families wishing to appeal a decision of the admissions committee should contact the Director of Admission, Cosmo Kunzelmann at 813.870.0860 ext. 240.

Freshman Admission Criteria

  • 50th percentile or higher on the Tampa Catholic entrance test (HSPT)
  • Essay - provided at time of entrance test
  • Satisfactory discipline and attendance records
  • Grades of C or higher on both 7th and 8th grade report cards
  • 50th percentile or higher on standardized tests
  • Evaluation forms from the current school Principal, English and Math teachers