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Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Tampa Catholic. Our admissions process is aimed at meeting the individual needs and determining the ideal academic placement of each applicant.

Transfer students in grade 9, 10, 11, currently living in the Tampa Bay area are only accepted at the beginning of a semester.  Tampa Catholic does not accept local seniors as transfer students or juniors at the beginning of the second semester.

Transfer students are evaluated to determine if they would meet with success in Tampa Catholic's academically challenging college preparatory program and ensure accurate graduation credits. All students will be reviewed by the admission committee and if all criteria is not met, admission could be denied.

Students who have documented special needs and who do not meet all four criteria may be admitted if the student’s needs can be accommodated and there is the probability that those accommodations will ensure success at Tampa Catholic. The complete results of a psychological-educational evaluation done within the last three years must be submitted for the application of a special needs student to be considered.

No student is excluded because of race, religion, gender, or ethnic background.

Upon completing the online application, you will be provided a confirmation and instructions to provide necessary documents for our admissions committee review. It is extremely important that you provide an accurate and active email address when applying, as we will use this method to communicate your application status.

Freshman Class of 2022

Step 1: Apply

Complete the Online Application - Apply Now link allows you to apply to Tampa Catholic by creating an online account, select an entrance exam date and submit the $50.00 (non-refundable) application fee.  Please save your log-in information as you will use this to enroll/register your student. You will be provided with a confirmation email.

HSPT Admissions Test - The next Admissions Test for the class of 2022 is scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2018. 

Tampa Catholic uses the High School Placement Test/HSPT as one of the criteria for admission/acceptance for 9th grade. Preparation is not required.  However, there are HSPT test prep books available at local bookstores/amazon.  

Test Day: Students can begin checking in at the Center Building at 7:45 am. General testing will conclude approximately 11:30 am.  Extended time: 12:30 pm. Bring 2 #2 pencils. Calculators not permitted. Snacks permitted at break. Cell phones must be turned off. 

Additional information on the Merit Scholarship -Tampa Catholic High School will provide Pope Francis Merit Scholarship recipients with an annual award for each of their four years at Tampa Catholic.  Pope Francis Merit Scholar awards are separate from and, in some cases, supplementary to need-based financial aid awards offered by the Diocese of St. Petersburg and Tampa Catholic High School. These awards are offered at varying levels.  

To renew the award each year, a Pope Francis Merit Scholar must achieve the following: Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 / Be enrolled in Honors, Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies / Complete all required community service by the designated dates / Remain free of serious disciplinary referral / If the scholarship is rescinded for any reason, it cannot be renewed in a subsequent year

Step 2: Documents Needed

After you complete an application; an email will be sent to you to print documents and give them to your child's present school. These admissions documents must be received from their current school before the admissions committee can review their file.

Documents include: records release, Principal, Math, & English Evaluation forms, 7th & 8th Grade academic history (report card, transcript), and standardized test scores. These documents are sent to Tampa Catholic from the current school.  

The Admissions Committee reviews an applicant's HSPT results, academic history, standardized test scores, Principal, Math, English Evaluation forms and makes the final decision on admission to Tampa Catholic. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 3: Notice of Admission Status

Students with all of the necessary documents will receive notification in mid-February.

When an applicant receives an acceptance letter to Tampa Catholic High School, he or she will also receive instructions for online enrollment/registration, as well as tuition and financial aid information. 

Step 4: I've Been Accepted

Transfer Students 

Step 1: Apply

Complete the Online Transfer Application for the next school year 2018-19, that begins in August, 2018 - Apply Now allows you to create an online account to apply as a transfer student to Tampa Catholic and submit the $50.00 (non-refundable) application fee. Please save your log-in information as you will use this to enroll/register your student. You will be provided a confirmation email and request for records.

Step 2:  Request For Records

We will need records from you students' current school - two years of academic history (report card, transcript) including standardized test scores, courses with grades in process and a transfer student affidavit.

After the required records and transfer affidavit are received, an Admissions Committee reviews the applicants file and makes the final decision on admissions. 

Step 3: Notice Of Admissions Status

Mrs. Copestick will send notification of admission status via email after the Admissions Committee review.

When a transfer applicant receives an acceptance letter to Tampa Catholic High School, he or she will also receive instructions for online enrollment/registration, as well as tuition and financial aid information. 

Step 4: I've Been Accepted!


Families wishing to appeal a decision of the admission committee should contact
the Director of Admission, Sherry Copestick at 813-870-0860 ext. 232. 


Freshman Admission Criteria

  • 50th percentile or higher on the Tampa Catholic entrance exam (HSPT)
  • Essay - provided at time of entrance test
  • Satisfactory discipline and attendance records
  • Grades of C or higher on both 7th and 8th grade report cards
  • 50th percentile or higher on standardized tests
  • Recommendation letters (supplied in your application packet) from the current school Principal, English and Math teachers.

Transfer Student Admission Criteria

  • High school cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • 50% percentile or higher on standardized tests
  • Satisfactory discipline and attendance records and appropriate school recommendations/forms
  • No deficient credits
  • Letter of good standing/transfer affidavit from current school
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