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Extended Time for SAT

To be eligible for School Verification, the student must:

  • have a disability that necessitates testing accommodations;
  • have documentation on file at school that supports the need for the requested accommodations and meets the Guidelines for Documentation; and receive and use the requested accommodations, due to the disability, for school-based tests, for at least four school months.

Guidelines for Documentation

The following Guidelines for Documentation list the information the College Board considers fundamental in determining that a student is eligible, based on disability, for accommodations on its tests, and what accommodations appropriately meet a student's individual needs for College Board tests.

When a student's school-generated IEP, 504 Plan, or other formal written educational plan/program aligns with the College Board's Guidelines, and officials at the student's school verify this to be accurate, the College Board accepts what the school verifies.

Some lEPs, 504 Plans, and other formal written educational plans/programs developed at schools to meet local needs, however, do not align with the following Guidelines. In those instances, a student may 1) elect to work with school officials to ensure that the disability documentation includes the information below before forwarding his or her Student Eligibility Form to the College Board; or 2) have the College Board review his or her disability documentation to determine the appropriate accommodations.

  • State the specific disability, as diagnosed;
  • be current (in most cases, the evaluation and testing should be completed within five years of the request for accommodations). For psychiatric disabilities, an annual evaluation update must be within 12 months of the request for accommodations;
  • provide relevant educational, developmental, and medical history;
  • describe the comprehensive testing and techniques
  • used to arrive at the diagnosis (including evaluation date[s] and test results with subtest scores from measures of cognitive ability, academic achievement, and information processing). For a list of tests and their uses, please visit our Web site, Select documentation;
  • describe the functional limitations supported by the test results;
  • describe the specific accommodations requested, including the amount of extended time required if applicable. State why the disability qualifies the student for such accommodations on standardized tests; and
  • establish the professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification and area of specialization.

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