Mrs. Haldane will see juniors in the beginning of October and the end of February for specific college workshops. A parent workshop will be held in February.

The following check list will be helpful to juniors as they begin the process of choosing a college:

  • Check the “Jr. Announcements” link monthly. This is your place for college information from Mrs. Feltham.
  • Continue to work hard to get good grades.
  • Continue involvement in activities. Keep developing your leadership skills.
  • Take the PSAT. This is the PSAT college considers when looking for potential candidates. High scoring students may become National Merit semi-finalists. High scoring Hispanic and African American students may receive special recognition. The military academies also select candidates for special recognition from this test.
  • The first week of February Mrs. Haldane will give students a comprehensive workshop on the college process. A separate workshop will be conducted for junior parents giving them a parent perspective. Students do not need to attend the parent workshop.
  • Register and take the spring SAT and ACT.
  • Take SAT II Subject tests if required for admission to a particular college. The college will list which tests are required.
  • Make college visits. Please follow the school guidelines if these visits require you to miss school.
  • Attend the NACAC spring college fair.
  • Make an appointment to see Mrs. Haldane before the end of the school year.
  • Update your activities list.
  • Choose meaningful activities for the summer months.
  • Narrow your list of college choices. (Mrs. Haldane will collect them during your first visit senior year.)
  • Establish a permanent email address to be used when communicating with colleges.
  • Know your social security number, college id number and/or pin numbers.
  • Save money for college.