Guidance will make a presentation to Freshmen during the first semester of ninth grade to review the college process.

The following check list will be helpful to Freshmen as they begin the process of choosing a college:

  • Work hard to get good grades. Everything counts now. Your freshman grades are on your official transcript and these grades will be figured into to your cumulative GPA.
  • Become involved in activities. Whenever possible, take a leadership role. Remember depth of involvement, not variety, is important to colleges because it shows focus and commitment.
  • Community service is required at Tampa Catholic. Most colleges now consider it one of the high school’s requirements.
  • Start keeping a record of your school activities, honors, unique education experiences, awards, leadership positions, employment, volunteer work, and community activities. This information will be required on college and scholarship applications.
  • Take the PLAN test when offered. The PLAN measures ACT skills, but at the ninth grade level. It gives an estimated ACT range.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss courses in tenth grade.
  • Plan meaningful summer activities.
  • Start a college savings account, if you do not have one.