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The school Counseling Department will make presentations to both students and parents throughout the school year. All activities can be found on the school calendar, either through Canvas Student App or the school's web calendar. Some of the events are during school and meant for students of each grade, other events are typically "parent only" evening meetings to help guide our TC families through the education process and to help with college preparations.

Below, please find a checklist for each grade.

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Freshman Information

Guidance will make a presentation to freshmen during the first semester of ninth grade to review the college process.  Additonally the school will hold a Freshman Parents meeting early on in the school year. Be sure to check the school calendar.

The following check list will be helpful to freshmen as they begin the process of choosing a college:

  • Work hard to get good grades. Everything counts now. Your freshman grades are on your official transcript and these grades will be figured into to your cumulative GPA.

  • Become involved in activities. Whenever possible, take a leadership role. Remember depth of involvement, not variety, is important to colleges because it shows focus and commitment.

  • Community service is required at Tampa Catholic. Most colleges now consider it one of the high school’s requirements.

  • Start keeping a record of your school activities, honors, unique education experiences, awards, leadership positions, employment, volunteer work, and community activities. This information will be required on college and scholarship applications.

  • Take the PLAN test when offered. The PLAN measures ACT skills, but at the ninth grade level. It gives an estimated ACT range.

  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss courses in tenth grade.

  • Plan meaningful summer activities.

  • Start a college savings account, if you do not have one.

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Sophomore Information

Guidance will make a presentation to sophomores during the second semester. Be sure to check the school calendar.

The following check list will be helpful to sophomores as they begin the process of choosing a college:

  • Work hard to get good grades.
  • Get involved in meaningful activities and develop your leadership skills.
  • Take PSAT when offered. This is the practice test for sophomores, but it will give you a good estimation of what to expect in junior year when the test counts.
  • Be come familiar with college entrance requirements (curriculum, GPA, test score). Attend a college fair. Explore college options, gather information, and make informal visits. Start thinking about your interests and abilities in terms of possible college majors.
  • In the spring, select appropriate courses for eleventh grade based on your college choices.
  • Choose summer activities geared toward a career field you are considering.
  • Update your activities list. Add your sophomore activities, awards, etc.
  • Save money for college.
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Junior Information

Mrs. Haldane will see juniors in the beginning of October and the end of February for specific college workshops. A parent workshop will be held in February.  Be sure to check the school calendar.

The following check list will be helpful to juniors as they begin the process of choosing a college:

  • Check the “Jr. Announcements” link monthly. This is your place for college information from Mrs. Feltham.
  • Continue to work hard to get good grades.
  • Continue involvement in activities. Keep developing your leadership skills.
  • Take the PSAT. This is the PSAT college considers when looking for potential candidates. High scoring students may become National Merit semi-finalists. High scoring Hispanic and African American students may receive special recognition. The military academies also select candidates for special recognition from this test.
  • The first week of February Mrs. Haldane will give students a comprehensive workshop on the college process. A separate workshop will be conducted for junior parents giving them a parent perspective. Students do not need to attend the parent workshop.
  • Register and take the spring SAT and ACT.
  • Take SAT II Subject tests if required for admission to a particular college. The college will list which tests are required.
  • Make college visits. Please follow the school guidelines if these visits require you to miss school.
  • Attend the NACAC spring college fair.
  • Make an appointment to see Mrs. Haldane before the end of the school year.
  • Update your activities list.
  • Choose meaningful activities for the summer months.
  • Narrow your list of college choices. (Mrs. Haldane will collect them during your first visit senior year.)
  • Establish a permanent email address to be used when communicating with colleges.
  • Know your social security number, college id number and/or pin numbers.
  • Save money for college.
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Senior Information

Mrs. Haldane has specific office hours for seniors. She is available for drop-in questions after school. If you need more time, make an appointment.

The following check list will be helpful to seniors as they choose and apply for college admission:

  • Monitor the “Sr. Announcements” and “Upcoming College Information Sessions” links daily. This is where you will receive a lot of college information.
  • Continue to work hard to get good grades.
  • Attend Mrs. Haldane's college workshop in Theology.
  • Turn in authorization, college planning sheet, and senior information sheet as soon as possible before the end of August.
  • Sign up for the SAT/ACT if necessary.
  • Complete college applications correctly and thoroughly
  • Follow Tampa Catholic deadlines for school documentation.
  • Athletes: be sure to file NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Send applications well before the deadlines.
  • Complete financial aid and scholarship forms (December and January)
  • Make final decision
  • Send final transcript to the college you will attend.

After you have applied to college/university there are four possible responses to your application:

  • Acceptance
  • Denial
  • Deferment: An admission decision option that requires more information from the student before a decision can be made. There is often a required deadline for this information. This is a second chance for the student. Please bring the deferment letter or email to guidance for processing.
  • Waitlist: An admission decision to describe the process in which a decision is initially delayed. There is a possibility of admission in the future. The student needs to follow the Waitlist directions.
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