The focus of the Office of Catholic Schools and Centers of the Diocese of St. Petersburg is to always encourage and support the learning process that leads to mastery. This retake policy supports this emphasis on learning and relearning. Teachers have the discretion to refuse retakes to students who do not fully engage in the learning process prior to the summative.*

The Office of Catholic Schools and Centers encourages and supports a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Formative assessments indicate where students are in relation to learning targets before students are assessed summatively. Students who use the formatives to guide their learning progress generally have no difficulty attaining proficiency on the summative.

The following retake policy is designed to encourage relearning on the part of the student.

Criteria for Retakes

  1. The retake process must be initiated by the student.
  2. A student may retake a summative once.
  3. The Application for a Retake should be completed by the student, signed by student and parent, and returned to the examining teacher no more than two (2) school days after the teacher has returned the graded summative assessment to the student.
  4. On the Application for a Retake, the student will identify the deficient standards/topics and include a clear learning plan and timeline to close the learning gap.
  5. Students may be required to participate in additional practice in order to qualify for a retake.

Limitations and Deadlines

  1. Only one retake will be allowed per summative.
  2. All graded formative assessments must be completed prior to the original summative.
  3. The retake for any summative in a unit must be completed before the date of the first summative of the following unit.
  4. Semester/Trimester exams and summatives that are extended projects with ongoing feedback and clear completion deadlines do not qualify for retakes.
  5. The student will forfeit the retake opportunity if either the scheduled retake date or a scheduled teacher required additional practice is missed.
    1. In the event that a student is absent and misses a scheduled teacher required additional practice session, the student must communicate with the teacher electronically (via email, etc.) the day additional practice is missed.
    2. In the event that a student is absent and misses the date of his/her retake, the student must take it the day they return to school as this has been prescheduled. The retake will then be given at the teacher’s discretion, either in class, during lunch, or after school.

Teacher Facilitations

  1. Teachers will group summative assessments around specific learning standards to help the student identify deficiencies and plan a successful retake. Teachers will post retake dates when the summative assessments are returned.
  2. The retake will only assess the deficient standards, allowing the student to focus on closing the learning gap and improving the assessment score. The higher grade (out of the retake or the original grade) will be recorded for credit in the grade book.
  3. Teachers have discretion and may require that a student complete missing ungraded assignments correlated to the deficiencies before the retake is administered.
  4. Teachers have discretion over the format of the retake assessment.

*Teachers reserve the right to deny a student from a retake before, during, or after the retake form is completed if the teacher can show due cause as to why there should not be a retake. This may include, but is not limited to, situations that involve academic dishonesty.