Students take Dual Enrollment (DE) courses at Tampa Catholic as part of their regular daily schedule. In doing so, the student is “dual enrolled” at TC and Hillsborough Community College. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn high school credits toward high school graduation requirements and at the same time earn college credit toward a degree in the State of Florida University system.

Dual Enrollment courses are college level courses sanctioned by the State of Florida and the State University system. Tampa Catholic’s DE courses are administered by Hillsborough Community College. (HCC) The instructors must have a Master’s Degree in their field of study and be approved by HCC as adjunct professors. The course content and syllabus must also be approved by HCC.

Credit earned is guaranteed to be transferable to any institution in the Florida University system. In addition private and out-of-state colleges will often accept dual enrollment courses as transfer credits. Past TC students have graduated high school with enough transferable credits to significantly and positively impact their college careers.


To enroll in a DE course a student must meet the criteria established by Florida State Statute:

  • Have and maintain an un-weighted cumulative GPA minimum of 3.0
  • Obtain a passing score on the CPT, SAT or ACT tests as follows:
    • College Placement Test (CPT)
      • Reading: 83
      • Sentence Skills: 83
      • Math: 72
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
      • Critical Reading: 440
      • Math: 440
    • ACT
      • English: 17
      • Reading: 18
      • Math: 19

We are pleased to offer these courses in conjunction with the Hillsborough Community College. In order to enroll in these classes students must meet the pre-requisites established by HCC and found in the current year’s Tampa Catholic Course Catalog.

Current Offerings

The Hillsborough Community College course numbers are shown in the brackets following each course title.

  • British Literature 1800 to Present [ENL 2022]
  • English 3 [AML 2010 & 2020]
  • English 4 [ENC 1101 & 1102]
  • Anatomy and Physiology [BSC 1085, 1085L & BSC 1086, 1086L]
  • US History [AMH 1010 & 1020]
  • American Government [POS 2041]
  • Political Science [POS 1001]