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At Tampa Catholic, we strive to create an engaging and challenging curriculum for all of our students.


Courses of Study

Tampa Catholic High School offers three levels of academics.  Each student’s schedule is tailored to the individual’s talents.  A student may be scheduled in Honors in one subject area but be placed in College Prep in another.  Students are not locked into any tracts and may move up to College Prep or Honors depending on their performance.

9th Grade

7 credits

  • English I (College Prep I & II, Honors)

  • Algebra I (College Prep I & II, Honors)*; Geometry (College Prep or Honors)

  • Biology (College Prep I & II, Honors)

  • World Cultural Geography (College Prep I & II, Honors); AP Human Geography

  • Theology (2 semesters)

  • Foreign Language: Spanish (College Prep, Honors) or French (College Prep, Honors)

  • Personal Fitness and/or Teams Sports and/or Fine Arts

*Students who complete an 8th grade school Algebra course may take an Algebra Competency Exam to demonstrate mastery of Algebra concepts. If successful the student will start their high school math with Geometry or Honors Geometry.This will allow the student to take AP Calculus courses prior to graduation

10th Grade

7 credits

  • English II (College Prep II, Honors)
  • Geometry (College Prep, Honors) or Algebra II (College Prep or Honors)
  • Chemistry (College Prep or Honors)
  • World History (College Prep or Honors); AP World History
  • Theology (2 semesters)
  • Foreign Language: Spanish (College Prep II, Honors) or French (College Prep II, Honors)
  • Personal Fitness and/or Teams Sports and/or Fine Arts
11th Grade

7 credits

  • English III (College Prep or Dual Enrollment); AP English Language and Composition
  • Algebra II (College Prep or Honors); Pre-Calculus Honors
  • Physics (College Prep or Honors) or Marine Science;  Anatomy and Physiology (College Prep or Dual Enrollment)
  • American History (College Prep or Dual Enrollment); AP U.S.History
  • Theology (2 semesters)
  • 2 credits of electives. Electives listed separately
12th Grade

7 credits

  • English IV (College Prep or Dual Enrollment); AP English Literature and Composition
  • Pre-Calculus Honors; Math for College Readiness; Calculus Honors; AP Calculus AB; DE College Algebra; DE Trigonometry
  • Zoology, Marine Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, Anatomy and Physiology (College Prep or Dual Enrollment)
  • American Government (College Prep or Honors); AP U.S. Government
  • Economics with Financial Literacy (College Prep or Honors)
  • Theology (2 semesters)
  • 2 credits of electives. Electives listed separately
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